Monday 4 July 2011

My break down of Glen keane's notes

Character Development.

Know precisely what actions are right for that personality.

Story - Characters conflicts. We have to care about his story.

Personality - How does he character feel about himself?

What does he want?

What is he afraid of?

His weaknesses?

What is his world view?

History -

Writ history of your character that brings you up to present moment. What events and people shaped him?

Environment - What's his world like? Hostile - friendly, Luxurious - Desolate, poor - rich.

Design - Describe his appearance - Intimidating, sensual, dumpy, etc


Anticipation is built by clarity - A simple, clear idea that communicates and

captures an audience is your goal.

Character - If the audience knows your character they can enjoy anticipating

his reaction in a given situation.

Music - A feeling of "Get ready for this!" is largely due to the right music. It

can anticipate joy, fear, patriotism, love, etc.

Staging - Your point of view must be clear. What do I want to say with this

scene? How do I want the audience to feel in this shot? How you stage the

scene clues in the audience to how they should feel.

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