Wednesday 10 March 2010

Solid Breakdowns

Some notes I've taken from Eric Goldberg's book: Character Animation Crash Course

Having the ability to place a breakdown in exactly the right position can give you automatic overlap. Don't forget your cushion IN and cushion OUT.
With the correct breakdown your work can be planned for ease of excution and maximum effectiveness.

Have your arc in the breakdown
Have your slow in/ slow out in your breakdown.
(pay attention when blocking)

The breakdown is what can add interest to a basic movement.
The arcs, delays, paths of action are in the breakdown are reflected in the entire move.

So your not going going A -> B -> C, your going A-> F -> C To get the right result animation it is not straight forward, it is planning!

If the keys are what the character is doing. The breakdown is how the charachter does it.
The breakdown can show/ sell any kind of emotion, fear, happyness, curious, cautiousness.