Saturday 6 June 2009

11 second Club June/ bombed

I entered the 11 secoond club this month and my shot bombed, I love animation and they say true love never ran smooth.

My biggest mistake was I played it too safe. I floated between poses and didn't hit them hard enough.
I need to hit my poses way harder than I think and I should hold my poses longer than I expect. It should improve my work.

I didn't emphasise my mouth shapes on F'W'O and G's in my lip sync.
I was recomended to use a webcam to record myself speaking the lines at a normal pace, then go back through and frame-by-frame through it to see how your mouth changes as it forms the words.

Hopefully with this advice, i'll improve.

The lipsync is a bit stiky on this. So please go to the link, to get proper playback.


  1. IMHO you hold your poses long enough, longer might affect the rhythm ;-) I agree that the lip morphs can be emphasised, but overall it looks pretty professional to me. Keep it up, man!

  2. cheers angel. Its the length and distance between each pose. I'm not getting into it quick enough. so i'm left with a float inbetween. I keep banging away at it.

  3. Brendan it might be a little small / light as you say but it's really competently animated - lovely and fluid.

  4. Cheers John. Its always good to get feedback from you. I don't mind a kick in the backside, from time to time on my work. It pushes me forward.

  5. hi, i found your blog thru 11 sec. club. Your animation is great, if I had to say something it would be: the slow "floaty" poses are fine, you just need more contrast between them and "quick" poses. You want to vary it up in each scene, a little from column A and a little from column B. you want to ballance the quick with the slow.